• We specialize in 100%
    financed ... no money
    down mortgages.

  • Applicants don't need
    perfect credit or
    substantial savings to

  • We help first time home
    buyers, as well as
    those recovering from
    foreclosure or
  • Our program professionals guide you step by
    step through the process to insure a positive
    home buying experience.

  • This is a custom built home designed to your

  • We build on the lot of your choice.

  • Affordable financing has created a rare buying
    opportunity where the mortgage payment on a
    new three bedroom house is cheaper than rent
    for the typical two bedroom apartment.
Mortgage Consultants are waiting to help you get started
down the path to homeownership.
Unlike traditional mortgage
companies, the borrower is not
judged by a minimum credit

The on-time payment history of
debts and obligations within the
last twelve months is how we
determine the borrower's
readiness and commitment to
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